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If you’re a successful woman who "Has It All" but still feels empty inside, lost, and never “Good Enough” despite your achievements in life and your career...

Then you need to watch this video!

Are you...

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Always juggling the responsibilities of your personal life with the expectations of your High Pressure Career?

Always Tired, always Stressed, and always Pushing Through because that’s just what you do?

You could be on the verge of Burnout!

So, How Can I Help You?

I’m Dr. Vanessa Moussa, and…

I help stressed high-achieving women on the verge of burnout, WAKE UP with mental clarity and physical wellness to SEIZE each day with calm and confidence so they can achieve their true personal and professional goals with ease and peace of mind.

It’s time to put that ambitious, industrious, successful mindset to work for you, before burnout threatens your success and wellbeing, with the help of my unique, practical and easy-to-follow 4-Steps Coaching Method tailored for high-achieving women, just like you.

Professional Guidance and Proven Methods Pave the Way Towards Mental Clarity, Confidence, and Even More Success!

In the recent history of humankind, STRESS has always been a huge unsolved problem that can seriously affect people’s quality of life.

For highly successful women, stress is even more complicated. The unique personal and professional pressure felt by high-achieving women and the guilt that accompanies it is something nobody can understand unless they’ve experienced it.

Are you:

I know exactly how you feel.

I’ve been a highly successful dentist, and I’ve suffered the effects of full-blown burnout, including depression and panic attacks.

I’ve been at the top of my career, living what people may consider a “perfect” life.

But in reality, I was so burnt out that I used to struggle to even get out of bed in the morning, until finally I started to make some changes that would ultimately transform my life.

My journey toward self-mastery and discovering my true life’s purpose was extremely hard, lonely, and by far the toughest journey of my life, but was also the best one. It was better than any vacation that I could take to escape from work and stress.

It was a life-changing journey, one that left me thinking:

“I wish I knew this sooner; why has nobody told me this before?”

My life since then has never been the same. Now I wake up every morning with clarity and excitement for my life and my work. I finally love myself and the life I chose to build for myself.

Now, I’ve made it my life’s work to help other high-achieving women like you discover their true purpose in life and be successful – with peace of mind. No more wondering:

“Why do I struggle and feel this way, when everybody else seem to have their life together?”

I used to ask myself this question… over and over.

It took my personal experience and a combination between dedicated research and training from one of the best institutes in Dubai — Know Thyself Institute (KTCI ®) — to create a coaching method designed to meet the unique needs of high-achieving women.
I called it the AYWA Coaching Method™, and it’s your ideal solution to stress and burnout!

Why I created it?

Since I moved to Dubai at the end of 2020, I had the privilege to meet many highly successful women from around the world. This experience confirmed that I wasn’t alone in my struggles and that, as ambitious, successful women of the modern world we need a supportive, structured, and targeted method designed for our stressed and fast-paced life.

So, that’s exactly what the AYWA Coaching Method™ provides.

But you don’t have to take my word for it… Just listen to these highly motivated women who’ve already discovered the benefits of my unique coaching method and guidance.

How the Method Changed the Lives of These Amazing Women


Stop Doubting Yourself and Achieve All Your Goals With Ease


Stop Procrastination and Find Your Work-Life Balance With Ease




Coaching Can Do Wonders For People With Bipolar and Burnout


It’s Okay to Ask for Help to Unblock Your Current Situation

Put Yourself First and Still Achieve Your Goals!

It Is Possible

There's one thing all high-achievers, and particularly those in a position of great responsibility, have in common: we never put ourselves first.

Whether you are a healthcare professional, CEO of a company, manager, team leader or in a highly demanding and stressful position, you know what I am talking about.

We always make sure that everyone is taken care of first and that the projects are done, even at the expense of our own health.

If we feel overwhelmed, we suppress the emotion cause we don’t want to appear weak or dare I say “not caught up for the job“.

This has to stop now! Our mental health and physical health needs to be our top priority.
In fact, once we’ll become the strong and healthy leaders that we are meant to be, our team and the people that depend on us will feel more inspired, productive, safe and much more.

There’s a crushing pressure to be strong and resilient to the stress we experience every day…

And this stress builds up, day after day…

Most of the time, that bottled-up stress leads to burnout, and burnout can cost you everything.

Early indicators of a pre-burnout

Early indicators of a pre-burnout stage can include:
When left unattended, those feelings of unfulfillment can have more damaging physiological and psychological effects, such as panic attacks and severe depression. I suffered the effects of full burnout. It took a lot of pain, struggle, sleepless nights, and self-reflection to get myself together again and raise from my ashes. But don’t worry, you don’t have to struggle as I did.

You can re-center your life and start enjoying your true self without going through all this.

My Unique Coaching Method

My Unique AYWA Coaching Method™ offers you the tools to regain control and discover your innermost needs to bring balance to your life and dissolve the effects of stress before burnout takes hold.

Take the first step towards a more fulfilling, purposeful, and stress-free future by booking NOW your FREE Clarity Session with me.

I will answer all your questions, address all your doubts, and guide you through your self-mastery journey.


From Living the Dream to Living My Dream:

How Leaving My “Perfect” Life Led Me to Reconnect with My Inner Needs, Discover A More Fulfilling Life, Increase My Confidence, And Help Other High-Achieving Women Do the Same.

Not too long ago, I was living my “dream” life in La Réunion, a tropical French island in the middle of the Indian ocean: beautiful sea sunsets, enchanting waterfalls, pure air, healthy food, warm and friendly people….it was and still is a true paradise on earth…

But after a few years there, I was no longer enjoying my life.

I had my dream job and a loving partner. I had worked very hard to shed the fear and oppression of my childhood in Lebanon. I had become the woman I always thought I wanted to be: the self-made immigrant Arab woman that takes care of her family, is financially independent, and is an expert in the healthcare industry.

I should have been happy...

I focused on my career in dentistry, and I was ready to take the next step of opening my own clinic, but the rewards I felt from the external validation I got by achieving yet another career goal seemed more and more short-lived.

I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was missing something, and the empty feeling within me grew until I couldn’t ignore it any longer.

After few months of denial for my situation, I almost couldn’t sleep anymore, and I started to have panic attacks daily — I was entering my burnout phase.

I’d been dutiful to my education and achieved everything I was ever told I wanted in order to live a happy and fulfilled life. The problem was that while these achievements were my own, the dream I lived every day belonged to someone else.

These feelings of unfulfillment, emptiness, lack of direction, and the guilt that accompanies them are more common among high-achieving women than most of us admit.

So, there I was: floating in the crystal-clear water that surrounded my perfect island, and finally, I knew I had to make a drastic change.

With my partner, I decided to move to the UAE.

It was only when my plane touched down in Dubai that the reality of everything I’d been feeling became undeniable. I could no longer contain the stress, loneliness, and emptiness that I had been silencing for so long.

I fell into a deep depression; one I was unsure I would escape. I questioned whether I’d made a terrible mistake and whether the people who told me I would regret my decision to leave my job and lifestyle were right.

I was at my absolute lowest, with no confidence and no direction, and even getting out of bed was a struggle. I tried traditional methods, but nothing really helped until I discovered coaching.

As I began to rediscover who I really was and rebuild my life with my own inner needs at the core of everything…

I discovered that my true-life purpose was to help women just like me take control of their lives, build their confidence, and gain clarity, but without the struggle and suffering I had to endure to get there.

That’s when I began studying the psychology of coaching and the effectiveness of different methods. I became a certified Life Coach and Neuro Linguistic Practitioner. I developed my own coaching method backed by science and driven by sustainable results tailored to the needs of high-achieving women.

Qualifications + Achievements

Certified Life Coach

  • Certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
  • Certified MER ® (Mental Emotional Release Practitioner)
  • Know Thyself Coaching Institute KTCI ®

ICF Member (International Coaching Federation)