Where it all began

Born in Australia and growing up in Lebanon as a young girl, I found myself surrounded by strict and oppressive values. 

Not only did I believe I had no voice in the world, but I had to be the ‘good girl’ who followed rules and said yes to everyone’s requests in order to fit in. This led to me becoming a people-pleaser who was dependent on the approval of others for my own confidence and self-esteem. 

At a very young age I knew that I loved helping people and was very curious about human behaviour and the wide range of different personalities in the world.

My desire stemmed from wanting to understand why the people in my life behaved the way they did and how I could help them thrive. I was the go-to listener for everyone in my life who felt stressed, alone, oppressed and needed a strong boost of confidence.

“Once you find your WHY, the HOW is easy…”

Creating the ‘perfect’ life for myself


Although, naturally, my passion was to become a psychologist so I could help people on a bigger scale, I attended the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Cluj Napoca and graduated in 2014 as a General Dentist with Honors. This was followed by an additional Post Graduate Diploma in Esthetic Dentistry in 2020 from the University of Montpellier-France. 

I followed a career in dentistry due to my high achiever mindset and because I thought it was what I needed to do to make those around me happy and bring them the financial support they expected from me.

Right after finishing university in 2014, I started to work towards one goal: “’If I create the perfect world on the outside, the complete opposite of the world that I grew up in, I will finally be happy on the inside.

So, I moved to the stunning Tropical French Island, La Réunion and practiced clinical dentistry for six years.

Something still wasn’t right…

What I loved about being a dentist was the ability to help and work with other people. I always incorporated my love for psychology into my dental career and that’s how I became the go-to dentist for patients with dental anxieties and phobias. I was empathetic and always listened to my patients since I believe that mental health directly impacts our physical health.  

Although it appeared I had it all on the outside – a successful career, a loving boyfriend, and lived on one of the most beautiful French islands in the world – I was far from feeling happy and fulfilled on the inside.

I found myself struggling with stress, severe anxiety, and eventually both emotional and physical burnout. I started to dread the days I had to go to work and I wasted my nights worrying about my patients. 

I lived for the vacation days where I could visit my family and discover new places but this meant I was more depressed when I returned to the reality of my life. I was constantly stressed and I thought that if I just pushed through then it would get easier. 

Unfortunately that was far from the truth. So, for years, I secretly suffered every day, feeling guilty for not enjoying my job and the life that I created for myself. I eventually started entering into a quarter life crisis at 29 years old. 

The journey towards my true life purpose

After realizing I wasn’t doing what was making me happy, I decided to take a year off from dentistry and move to Dubai in 2021. Many thought I was crazy to be leaving my ‘perfect’, quiet island life to move somewhere so chaotic and fast-paced, but I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and discover what my true purpose was in life. 

Although the island was beautiful, it had limited potential and I wanted to be in a place made for high achievers like myself. 

I shifted my focus from oral health to mental health, understanding what was going on in my head and why.

So, I finally pursued my love for psychology and started a life coaching training with the aim of understanding what my life’s purpose was.

During this training, I faced my true inner self and discovered the limiting beliefs that were holding me back from living a fulfilling life. I finally understood why I wasn’t happy after having created the perfect outside world for myself.

Clinical dentistry wasn’t my calling and instead I wanted to help other stressed high achievers  who feel stuck and overwhelmed like I was, and help them pursue their goals with confidence and peace of mind.


Becoming a certified life coach


I soon got my certification in life coaching, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), MER® (Mental Emotional Release) , and Hypnosis in Dubai.

From there, I started working alongside a life coach to pursue my new life goals, become a full-time coach, and help stressed high achievers wake up with mental clarity, calm, and confidence so they can lead fulfilling personal and professional lives.

Working with a coach one-on-one was a turning point in my life. I learned how to better manage my stress on a daily basis, shifting my mindset about the possibilities in my life and overcoming the limiting beliefs that were installed in me since I was a little girl.

I believed I had no skills other than being a dentist and no other options. That, for the rest of my life, I was meant to be a dentist and would never find anything else to give me the same financial support, even though I was so miserable doing it.

Because of my own personal experience with my career and identity, I know first-hand what it takes to change your life. So, I have made it my life’s mission to help others overcome their own challenges in their professional and personal lives.

I have now never been happier

After making the life-changing decision to bet on myself and lead the life I was meant to have, even though it meant starting a whole new career in a whole new country, I began attracting like-minded people and amazing clients in a job that gave me true fulfillment.

Within just six months (starting from scratch, in a new country, and with a new career) I managed to bring my own life coaching services into fruition, start a client base, and even co-author a book with other female entrepreneurs in Dubai.

I really have never been happier, and it was my turn to put others on the same journey I experienced. 


Helping other high achievers, one AYWA session at a time

I now help stressed high achievers, especially women like myself, wake up with mental clarity, calm, and confidence each day so they can seize opportunities and lead a fulfilled and healthy life.

Through my AYWA Coaching Method™ and as a life coach in the UAE, I make people aware of how they feel about their current life and work side by side with them to set goals and start their journey towards discovering their true self.

Just as I learned, you don’t have to live a life that is ‘expected’ of you, but rather one that makes you happy. I help you take off that armour that is weighing you down and get you out of your comfort zone. Especially after the struggles of COVID-19, living your life purposefully has never been more important, and I aim to help as many people as possible to stand up for themselves and realize their dreams. 


Are you ready to start your own life-changing journey?