The N. 1 Coaching Method for Stressed High Achievers

Discover your true potential and reach your goals with confidence and peace of mind!

Hi! I’m Dr. Vanessa Moussa.

I help stressed and burned-out high achievers wake up with mental clarity and physical wellness to seize the day and reach their personal and professional goals with calm and confidence – all thanks to my unique
1 on 1 AYWA Coaching Method™.

Are you…

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If you find yourself answering ‘YES!’ to one or more of these situations, you are not alone.

Like you, I too have a high achiever mindset and although we have commendable traits such as strong ambition, punctuality, and a large amount of self-discipline, we are not always the calm and put-together individuals that others may think we are.

In fact, when we dig deeper, we realize we’ve actually been fighting a daily battle with overwhelming thoughts, high levels of anxiety and stress, and a strong feeling of burnout that we would never want to share with the rest of the world.

Instead of taking the well-needed time off that we deserve to recharge our minds and bodies, we start developing unhealthy coping mechanisms, such as:

You may feel like you need to keep living this way, pushing past the mental and physical fatigue so you can reach the highest level of success, however…

You CAN live a successful life WITHOUT feeling like this.

Your thoughts and coping mechanisms do not define you, and they are not who you are.

You no longer have to feel guilty for feeling this way.

With the right support and coaching tools for anxiety, stress, and burnout, you can soon become the best version of your self.

So, who am I and why should you listen to me?

Meet Dr. Vanessa Moussa

I’m Dr. Vanessa Moussa, dentist turned professional life coach and NLP practitioner with a mission to help you transform your life and unlock your potential.

Combining my experience as a healthcare professional with stress management techniques and female empowerment coaching skills, I help high-achieving women avoid burnout and build a mindset that aligns with their life values. 

As a certified life coach, I am here to help you push reset, get you out of your stressful routine, and discover how to relieve stress quickly with better habits. 

I assist you in removing your inner critic, who is constantly telling you to work harder, be better, and do more.

I provide you with the skills to live a fulfilling life, where you can be successful while ALSO having better mental clarity, reduced stress, and high levels of confidence.

That’s where my AYWA Coaching Method™ comes in.

“I can help you design the life you want for yourself. Knowing is one thing, but doing is something else.”

The A.Y.W.A Coaching Method™


AYWA in Arabic means “YES!”, “‘Awesome” or “Great”’, and I chose this name because I believe everyone deserves to stop settling for a ”comfortable life” and start living their own AYWA life

This means leading an awesome life, being your most authentic self and not settling for anything less than what you deserve and are capable of.

The AYWA Life concept was born a few years ago when I was living in Réunion, a tropical French Island in the Indian Ocean. Back then I had achieved all that I was supposed to achieve before I was 30: living on a beautiful tropical island, working as a successful dentist, taking care of my family financially, getting my post graduate degree in esthetic Dentistry, and enjoying life with my caring partner. 

But instead of feeling joy, proudness and freedom, I was feeling miserable, lost and unfulfilled without knowing exactly why. My outer world was perfect but my inner world was far from it.

Then, after finally having the time to look deep inside myself, I noticed that I never knew who I truly was and what I truly wanted in my life. I was living what society and my family’s version of a perfect life for me. Once my awareness kicked in, I didn’t like what I saw. I was a people pleaser and a stressed high-achiever with no self compassion and no true passion for my job.

So I decided to start my quest to find my true self, overcome my limiting beliefs that haunted me for years, and focus on myself and my true life purpose. After moving to Dubai following burnout and panic attacks, I pursued my passion for mental health and focused on my own discovery. That’s when I found my true life purpose and I decided to dig deeper into my potential and get a certification in life coaching from one of the best institutes in Dubai – KTCI.

Since then my life has been completely different.

Having these lifelong tools has shaped me into who I am today, so I made it my mission to help other stressed high achievers reach their true potential with calm and confidence by creating my own signature life coaching program.

My personal experience of working as a healthcare professional for many years combined with the life coaching tools I learned in Dubai PLUS working with amazing high-achieving women has helped me to create my AYWA Coaching Method™

How It Works

This is a 6 to 12 week life coaching program tailored towards stressed high-achievers, professional women. 

  • We start with a free session of 45 minutes where we deep dive into your current situation and gain absolute clarity on what you want to achieve, all your pain and desires, and see if we are a good fit together. We will discover the AYWA program that best fits you and your needs.
  • Once we’ve determined that we’re the right fit for this life-changing journey, we’ll move on to 60 minute weekly 1-on-1 coaching sessions where we will break down limiting beliefs, shift perspectives, set and achieve goals and use NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), MER® (Mental Emotional Release) and Hypnosis to move you closer to where you want to be in life

By developing an achievable and balanced action plan, you’ll soon move from where you are now to where you want to be in 90 days or less.


You will NEVER be alone, and I will be by your side the whole time. Whether it’s jumping on a call or using my 24H messaging support on WhatsApp, I will be available as your coach whenever you need me.


Let’s take a closer look at each of the steps 

The 4 A.Y.W.A steps

The AYWA Coaching Method™ consist of 4 steps that help get you where you want to be. 

Step 1


The first phase of AYWA is awareness and acceptance.

I work with you to gain absolute clarity on who you truly are, your values,  your current habits that are holding you back, and any negative beliefs that contribute to your daily anxiety and stress. From there, I’ll help you identify these factors, and start the journey of moving on from them with stress management techniques and self love habits.

Step 2

Y as WHY

After we explore your inner self and remove those limiting beliefs and inner saboteurs, we will discover your WHY together so you can have a clear vision on what your true life purpose is.

Here, we get to the point where you’re like: “Now I know what I want to do, I just need a plan to create it.

Step 3


By this step you know who you are and what you want to do. Now is the time to put all that into action and move forward.

Together we are going to create a very structured ‘battle’ plan and set up SMART goals, so you know exactly what you need to do, where and when to do it to reach them quickly and efficiently.

Step 4


Now, we’ll start taking action and maintain focus along the way.

Knowing and planning is one thing but doing and maintaining focus is the ultimate step for a sustainable change in your life.

So here we get to the action part: After having gotten absolute clarity of who you are, what your life purpose is and put together a structured plan that helps you do it, I become your accountability partner to keep you on track on your path to true success.

It’s easy to plan and it’s harder to take action but success is when we maintain FOCUS and CONSISTENCY.

“With AYWA coaching, we improve awareness, utilize resources, renew energy, and enhance confidence.”

Grow from a stressed high achiever into an AYWAchiever

Once you have been through my method, you will officially become an AYWACHIEVER. This is the name I chose for the people who will enter my community. You will shift from a stressed high-achiever mindset to becoming a focused, calm and fulfilled AYWAchiever. Let’s see together how your decisions and thinking patterns will change: 

By the end of this transformational journey,
you will acquire these 3 essential lifelong skills:

Self Mastery

Stress Mastery

Time Mastery

In this changing world we’re living in, these skills are necessary to overcome any obstacle in your way, be more resilient and focused to design your bright new future with peace of mind, confidence, and physical wellness.

Meet Some of Our AYWAchievers!

Accreditations and Qualifications

  • Certified Life Coach from the Know Thyself Coaching Institute Dubai- KTCI ® -(ICF accredited)
  • Certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Practitioner) from KTCI ® – (accredited by NLPEA)
  • Certified MER ® (Mental Emotional Release Practitioner) – KTCI ®
  • Fellow and Member of the American Institute of Stress (AIS)
  • Member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • I collaborated with highly successful women in Dubai to write the best-selling book “Who Moved My Heels?”. The book launch took place in the HCT University (Higher Colleges of Technology) in the aim to inspire young female students to become entrepreneurs and great leaders
  • Shortlisted for EWA (Emirates Women Award) Leadership Category  in 2022


Want to know more about my life coaching services and how I can help you? Read through my Frequently Asked Questions and find your answers.

A life coach is a professional who has trained and gained the certifications to provide you with insights and tools that help you achieve your personal or professional goals. Instead of doing things for you, they work with you to create a more beautiful and fulfilled life.

I specialize in helping women and medical professionals with a high achiever mindset:

  • Manage their stress
  • Create a better work/life balance
  • Feel energized and motivated
  • Avoid feelings of burnout
  • Discover their purpose in life
  • Gain clarity on their values

Who I work with:

  • Stressed high achievers
  • Women looking to feel empowered
  • Stressed medical and healthcare professionals
  • People who know they need to make a change
  • Those who are ready to take responsibility for themselves
  • Individuals who understand the value of life coaching

Who I don’t work with:

  • People who want things done for them
  • Those not serious about doing the work
  • Individuals with a closed mind
  • NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming) certification
  • MER (Mental Emotional Release)
  • Hypnosis
  • Life Coaching

Between 60-90 minutes depending on each person and the topic of the session. 

It’s important to note here that the session is tailored around you and your needs.

Be sure to know that we will NOT end the session cause ”our time is up!” but rather that the topic you brought to the session have been discussed fully and you gained absolute clarity from it and  the necessary actions you need to do to move you forward with your goals.   

I speak fluently English, Arabic and French. A little bit of Italian 🙂

Yes! I offer all of my life coaching services online, so I can work with you no matter where you are.

It all depends on what you want to work on and your goals, that’s why the FREE clarity session is crucial. 

During the FREE Clarity Session, we take a deep dive into your current situation and gain absolute clarity on what you want to achieve, all your pain and desires, and see if we are a good fit together. 

Here, we create your personalised AYWA coaching program with the number of sessions, what each session will be about etc. ALL OF IT. You wont start the program without gaining ABSOLUTE CLARITY on how the journey will go. I PROMISE! 

No. I am not a psychologist and cannot medically treat you or prescribe medications. Instead, I am a certified life coach and NLP practitioner and work alongside you to help you take action to move you from where you are now to where you want to be.

There are a few differences between life coaching and therapy:

Life coaching:

  • We set goals and work to achieve them
  • Fast and reliable solution
  • Clear and structured sessions
  • Focuses on the future


  • Helps heal your emotional wellbeing
  • Long term commitment
  • Sessions based on treatment type
  • Looks back on your past

Of course! Even when your program with me is finished, I will still be there for you. I offer the option for extra AYWA Boost sessions to help you break through any new barriers and I am just an email away if you want to talk.

So are you ready to become your best self?

Now it’s time to start your AYWA journey and become the person you’ve always wanted to be. Contact me today for a FREE consultation to see if we are a good fit!

Talk soon then!